Left Hand Turns and Pedestrians

A study that examined driver behavior (in regard to permitted left turns) has identified what researchers call an “alarming” level of risk to pedestrians crossing the street – about 9% of the time, drivers don’t even bother to look and … Read more

Lane Splitting- Acceptable or Dangerous?

Lane splitting refers to a motorcycle moving between roadway lanes of vehicles that are proceeding in the same direction. More narrowly, it refers to overtaking slow or stopped vehicles by traveling between them. It is also sometimes called lane sharing, … Read more

Wrong Way Drivers are Warned

Germany has recently experienced an increase in fatal accidents involving drivers unintentionally traveling the wrong way, according to Mercedes-Benz. In just the past three months, more than 25 people have died due to wrong-way drivers. To combat the problem, Mercedes‑Benz … Read more

How Bad Is Tailgating?

Tailgating: The practice of driving on a road too close to the vehicle in front. Most of the time, road rage is the cause of tailgating. Those behind you are provoked in one way or another which then causes aggressive … Read more

Volvo uses Smart Brakes on their Trucks

What happens when you stop at a light or stop-sign and the driver behind you isn’t paying attention or is distracted in rear-ends you? What happens if the person behind you is driving a diesel truck? Volvo, the automaker best … Read more

Statistics for Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel are Dangerously High

According to a recent survey, 1 out of 24 adults have fallen asleep while driving. With these statistics, many officials think the number is actually higher, but many people do not realize they have fallen asleep while behind the wheel. … Read more

Five Tips to Protect Your Teen Driver

Driving a car is a “rite of passage” for many teens. However, handing the keys over to your teenage children can bring on severe anxiety for parents. The single best thing parents can do to prepare a teen to drive … Read more

Seatbelts Save Lives

An accident occurs nearly every five seconds throughout the United States. Of those accidents, thousands will be saved simply for the fact that they wore their seat-belt. Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect … Read more

Despite Statistics, Many Choose To Not Buckle Up

Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 5 – 34. Seat belt use is by far the most effective way to keep yourself safe in an accident. Nearly 85% of adults use seat belts in today’s … Read more

Scary Statistics about the Fatigue Factor

Doctors, Pilots, Truck Drivers all require skill and precision to perform. Yet, many of these professionals end up overworked due to the demand of their careers. Being tired and having to perform one of these high performance types of jobs … Read more