Danish Design Company Working On Exterior Airbags

As biking becomes more popular in the U.S., car-on-cyclist accidents continue to be a major issue for all. A one-year study in Portland, Oregon, found that out of 1,000 cyclists, 18% suffered at least one injury, and 30% of those … Read more

Prior Injuries: How they affect Current Accidents

With more drivers on the road than ever before, accidents are also on the rise. What would happen if a prior injury you had in your past was once again re-aggravated? Does this limit you in what you can recover … Read more

Bicycle Helmets Save Lives

With summer approaching quickly, some children will receive a new shiny bicycle. They should also receive a new bicycle helmet. Do you know that more than 51,000 bicyclists have died in traffic accidents throughout the United States since 1932? Bicycle … Read more

Common Automobile Accidents and their Injuries

Every day when you get in your vehicle and drive, you are at risk of getting into an auto accident. Are there days or times when the risk increases? The answer is yes. The most common time to get into … Read more

What to do When Involved in a Hit and Run

Hit and run accidents–whether you are a pedestrian or driver, can be very traumatic. But what happens when the driver who hit you doesn’t stop?  Who pays for the damages to you and your vehicle? In every state, there are … Read more

Best and Worst Songs to Drive to

Most people enjoy listening to music while driving. Did you know there are studies that report “safe songs” and “dangerous songs”? The researchers asked four female and four male drivers to drive 250 miles using the MotorMate app, that would … Read more

Must-Haves for your Vehicle

We don’t think about what we need in an emergency situation–until we’re in one. The items listed below are just a few things that can help you take control of an emergency situation, while maintaining the safety of your family: … Read more

Pothole Accidents: Who is to blame?

They show up usually during the spring and summer times in all different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, we are not talking about foliage, but rather, potholes. Potholes can be minor and are usually found in parking lots and on city … Read more

Highway Deaths Declining; Distracted Accidents Increasing

In 2011, there were 32,367 highway deaths, decreasing 1.9% from 2010. Additionally, this number was the lowest since 1949. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System also reported that the number of national fatalities was the lowest ever recorded, down .01% from … Read more