Despite Statistics, Many Choose To Not Buckle Up

Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 5 – 34. Seat belt use is by far the most effective way to keep yourself safe in an accident. Nearly 85% of adults use seat belts in today’s busy driving world. Yet, 1 in 7 drivers will not use a seat belt the next time they drive. Why? Data has shown time over time just how safe someone is in an accident while wearing a seat belt. It should be a no brainer, but still many don’t listen. Nineteen states still have no primary seat belt law. There should be stricter guidelines for those who don’t wear seatbelts. They save lives, so there should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to wear one. I hear the excuse “I am not going to get in an accident.” Really? You cannot predict the behavior of all the other drivers on the road. The best defense is a good offense: Wear a seat belt!! It is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to make sure that the kids are in seat belts or child safety seats. Remember, children pick up habits from their parents. Do you really want the habit of not wearing a seat belt being passed down to your children? If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by calling (888) 467-0312 or visit us online at with all your legal needs.