Any time a building or property is unsafe, particularly when the owner or landlord has been informed of its lack of safety and has chosen not to act, liability is a real concern. And sometimes people acting reasonably are hurt on those premises – a poorly maintained ramp gives way, an employee leads a customer into a known hazard, or a spill on the floor at a grocery store is not mopped up and causes a fall.

Due to the serious nature of many premises liability cases, injuries can range from bone fractures to head injuries including death. Your attorney in a premises liability case needs to be able to work with homeowner’s or business insurance companies as well as the landlord or owner of the premises in order to recover maximum damages for your claim. And he or she must be ready to take your case to trial in case it does not settle.

At the law firm of Andres N. Oliveros, P.A., we assist clients in personal injury cases involving premises liability and unsafe building conditions. If you have been injured in a fall or other type of accident occurring on certain premises due to another’s negligence, you need an accident attorney who understands the law and can get you the compensation you deserve.

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