Seatbelts Save Lives

An accident occurs nearly every five seconds throughout the United States. Of those accidents, thousands will be saved simply for the fact that they wore their seat-belt.
  1. Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash.In 2008, seat belts saved more than 13,000 lives nationwide. From 2004 to 2008, seat belts saved over 75,000 lives — enough people to fill a large sports arena. During a crash, being buckled up helps keep you safe and secure inside your vehicle, whereas being completely thrown out of a vehicle is almost always deadly.
  2. Air bags work with seat belts, not to replace them.In fact, if you don’t wear your seat belt, you could be thrown into a rapidly opening frontal air bag, a movement of such force it could injure or even kill you.
  3. How to buckle up safely:The lap belt and shoulder belt are secured across the pelvis and rib cage, which are more able to withstand crash forces than other parts of your body.
  4. Fit matters.Before you buy a new car, check to see that its seat belts are a good fit for you. Ask your dealer about seat belt adjusters, which can help you get the best fit. If you need a roomier belt, contact your vehicle manufacturer to obtain seat belt extenders.Place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest and away from your neck. Adjust the lap belt across your hips below your stomach. Indeed, they may be the only defense.You cannot always prevent what you cannot see coming. You can only take steps in preparation that the unfortunate and unwanted does occur. Please buckle up, and be one of the 13,000 saved.
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