Statistics for Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel are Dangerously High

According to a recent survey, 1 out of 24 adults have fallen asleep while driving. With these statistics, many officials think the number is actually higher, but many people do not realize they have fallen asleep while behind the wheel. A recent government study found that over 4% of adults in the U.S. have admitted to falling asleep at least one time within the last month. Some earlier studies reached a similar conclusion, but the survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was far larger. The study also found that drowsy drivers are more common among men between the ages of 25 and 34. The results are from a survey of 147,000 adults in 2009 and 2010. We all know that distracted driving can lead to catastrophic car accidents. Falling asleep at the wheel is no different. There needs to be precautions taken in order to keep all drivers safe while on the road. Those who fall asleep behind the wheel shouldn’t be behind the wheel in the first place. Is there a way to put a stop to this? A technology that can detect when someone is drifting into another lane? Perhaps, but not available yet–as far as I am aware. Rule #1, as in all driving situations, is “reason” and “caution”. If any confusion at all, re-read Rule #1. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by calling (888) 467-0312 or visit us online at with all your legal needs. The Law Offices of Andres Oliveros PA, Justice with Integrity.