What to do When Involved in a Hit and Run

what to do when involved in a hit and run picHit and run accidents–whether you are a pedestrian or driver, can be very traumatic. But what happens when the driver who hit you doesn’t stop?  Who pays for the damages to you and your vehicle? In every state, there are hit and run laws. All states require that a driver stop, whether the accident is small (such as bumping into a car) or catastrophic (where damage or even worse is a result from the accident). The laws generally invoke “criminal” penalties for a hit and run, but really don’t help much regarding the damages that result to the injured victim. So if the “at-fault” driver doesn’t stay, who does?  Here is where it can get complicated. Your uninsured motorist coverage will end up paying for the damages such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, and even lost wages. Policies will almost always vary, the same goes with the state requirements. Be sure to take a look at your policy to ensure it covers uninsured motorist coverage. To guarantee your protection among everything else we’ve included a few tips to help keep you safe after a hit and run accident: 1. Try to remember as many specifics as you can concerning the other driver’s vehicle, including the make, model, year, color, bumper stickers, dents, scratches, and even license plate numbers if possible. Anything that can stand-out will help tremendously in finding the at-fault party. 2. Many times, injuries won’t show up until later. Stay attentive to how your body feels, and see a doctor as soon as possible. 3. Get in touch with a lawyer who can help you understand what options you have in compensating for your damages through auto insurance.  Find one that is willing to file a lawsuit if the at-fault driver is found. Understanding your rights is always the first step. The better informed you are, the better you can improve your own chances of recovering for your losses. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by calling (888) 467-0312 or visit us online at http://www.oliveroslaw.com/ with your legal needs. The Law Offices of Andres Oliveros PA, Justice with Integrity.